Starting in mid-May in Pantelleria, we begin to collect our capers for the year. It’s an art of the hands that brings you close to the plant. A very tough job that testifies to the agricultural vocation of the island and the value of these precious little gems. For us, harvesting and collecting capers is a kind of therapy for the soul. Maybe it is a way to wrap up a long day, pausing for a moment in the silence of the sun’s setting light. A moment to also collect your thoughts along with the fruit of this wild plant.
The caper grows imperviously, among the rocks, on the cliffs, in the most unexpected cracks and corners. The plant itself is elegant and generous. Its bud (the caper) is harvested before it blooms into a flower while the caperberry fruit grows from within the white flower blossom and is collected a few weeks later. This is a summer ritual for us that then proceeds into the salting process and finally the enjoyment in our dishes. This concentrate of sun, sea, wind and salt preserves the taste of Pantelleria all throughout the year.