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A group holiday

not to be forgotten

The added value of a holiday, other than the choice of suggestive locations, is given to people with whom we share special moments and adventures. Le Case del Principe can accommodate groups of friends, large families, groups of any kind : our six dammusi are near but separate from each other, thus giving the opportunity to organize meeting times, activities and free time for the group as a whole, but also to enjoy your own space, listening to the silence and breathing the scent of the sea in Pantelleria.
Pantelleria as a magical place to live together

Pantelleria offers breathtaking views, and it is an island of varied and luxuriant nature, for all quests: enjoy the walks in unspoiled nature, take advantage of the mud and natural hot springs to relax, look for flamingos or plunge into the deep waters to admire the archaeological finds, taste its delicacies and the autochthonous wines. You will not forget the intensity of the blue sea, the magic of a dawn and the sight of the African coasts on a summer day. Each district hides a story and many traditions to discover, a unique identity that will fascinate with every step you take!

What will you find?
Upon arrival you will find a fresh fruit basket on the island and a bottle of wine produced by Sallier de La Tour, our family company, to wish you a warm stay.
A few meters from the Dammusi a cliff with exclusive access, little frequented by other tourists, is waiting for you to swim, stroll at sunset and enjoy your corner of paradise.
Pantelleria is our home, we love the island and its hidden corners. Do not hesitate to ask for advice on the attractions not to be missed, the most evocative views, the places where you can taste the best local delicacies.

Discover our Dammusi

© photography: Nabumbo